Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Job Vacancy

While some people make tons of money people like me hunt for jobs and most of the time end up in situation like this.
I will just go home and buy my own pizza..

Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Your Pet

Sure who doesn't love pets. Cats, Dogs or any other animal they have their own charm.But do we express out love adequately for them? Do we take good care of them?
Here is a good story that sums it up. Follow the link below for the complete story.
Read the full story here.

Friday, December 20, 2013

How to make your dating profile

Dating profile tutorials.

It was not that difficult eh!

The Difference

We all try to be unique our whole life and then we fail and imitate celebrities, models and fall for other stupidities. Lets not make a fool out of our selves. Go out, you are beautiful, and those men who have not told their women today, go tell them, they are beautiful.

Argument Winner

Now there is one problem that most of men deal with! How to win an argument with wife, girlfriends or women in general. I am not being sexist here but concerned about them. While they end up having endless debate with no conclusions, here is a simple solution.
I guess silence is the answer.

Easy Philosophy

Now here is an easy philosophy to living, while scientists keep cracking the string theory.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Learn from the Daddy of Pirates

I love the site piratebay Not only they have made my life easy, they also yell at people.
Yeah! I mean they yell at guys like Microsoft, Dreamworks and like that.
Here is their love for them!
As you may or may not be aware, Sweden is not a state in the United States
of America. Sweden is a country in northern Europe.
Unless you figured it out by now, US law does not apply here.
For your information, no Swedish law is being violated.

Please be assured that any further contact with us, regardless of medium,
will result in
a) a suit being filed for harassment
b) a formal complaint lodged with the bar of your legal counsel, for
sending frivolous legal threats.

It is the opinion of us and our lawyers that you are ....... morons, and
that you should please go sodomize yourself with retractable batons.

Please also note that your e-mail and letter will be published in full on

Go fuck yourself.

Click below to read more responses

Ain't their response AWESOME!!!?
How COOL is that!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Clean your screen!

Do you wish to clean your dirty screen? Don't know how to do it or just too lazy?
Don't worry now you have got the best way to do it and the best part is you don't have to move an inch. Its all on your finger tips!

Presenting to you: The Screen Cleaning Dog!

Don't believe me? 
Visit the link Screen Clean and get your screen cleaned up too!

How awesome is that!

Coke bottles to replace bulbs!

Were you paying electricity bills too?? Damn it was free!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Ad Ideas, Bad Ideas

Even your dumb television set is wise enough to summarize the ad themes Mr. Corporates have put.
I would call them The 21st Century Ad Themes. Sounds cool, eh? Follow the list!

1.  We can get you the most sizzling, hottest, steamy girl of the universe. (As if we are so goddamn dumb, stupid, ass and illiterate to believe you.)

2. If you use this product and apply it on your body, girls would come in bunches and like would not be able to resist their temptation to touch you, lick you, kiss you and god knows what! (What the fuck do you people want to sell?)

3. Loose your hard earned money just like that. BECAUSE shopping is cool! (Only if i can buy your butt to kick, i will.)

4. If you don't eat pizza, burger or goddamn fried chicken you are not eating delicious, nutritious food and might end up with malnutrition, possible polio! (Shut the fuck up! Ain't that called junk food. What do you think i am stupid?)

5. Because it's made from your mother recipes. (You don't know an iota of my mothers recipes. And don't you dare insult it!)

6. Because diamonds make relationships stronger. (Fuck it if that is what it takes to be in relationship.)

7. Non sense theme. Yes these are particularly everywhere. Have a bunch of hot girls lower their dresses almost trying to hide their *parts* and make them do anything. It doesn't matter what the product it! (Well just enjoy the ad never mind the product! :D)

8. Rest! I am not dumb enough to waste my time writing all the stupid themes. Now go and stare the stupid television yourself for more shit.